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Why Ghana

Ghana as an investment destination

Ghana is well endowed with natural resources, which makes it a natural destination for several companies and investors from developed markets looking for raw materials to feed their industries.


Factors that will stimulate deal flow for various investors and provide attractive investment destinations include:

  • Conducive business environment including significant government incentives for the private sector.
  •  A dynamic private sector willing to form strong collaboration with foreign partners to explore synergies, which include human capital  development, export opportunities, access to capital, transfer of technology, etc.
  • Increasing spending power of the middle class.
  • Promising business prospects from oil production.
  • Excellent sea and air connections with Europe, USA and China.
  • Ghana has a developing venture capital industry rising to 67th position in the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report
  •  Ghana ranked 7th in the annual index of African Governance Report.
  • 0% Tax on all investment income for 5 years, losses can be carried forward for additional 5 years
  • 100 % of investment proceeds can be repatriated out of the country with no restrictions.
  •  GAX Ghana’s alternative stock exchange designed for SME’s with high growth potential and provides an exit platform for business angels.