Ghana Angel Investors Network | Circle of Mentors

Circle of Mentors

A mentor is a person who provides support, guidance and encouragement allowing the mentee to take personal responsibility for their learning and enabling them to actively participate in developing their skills.


The Circle of Mentors is a network of esteemed professionals who dedicate their time to providing guidance to our applicants.  We offer quarterly workshops in the areas of finance, strategy, marketing, business development and business law.

As part of our thorough screening process we also offer access to a business coach who can work with you (the entrepreneur) on a one to one basis to ensure that you are investment ready prior to pitching.  The role of the Business Coach is to help you to find your direction as an entrepreneur and also for your business.


At GAIN we believe in allowing you to grow at your own pace and shape your own future, we merely provide you with the tools to get there.