Ghana Angel Investors Network | Application Guidelines

Application Guidelines

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The Market

What is the market space where you will operate? Describe the size of the market

  1. Is it large and rapidly growing?
  2. Who are your competitors?
  3. What is your strategy to deal with competition?
  4. Has any market validation happened?
  5. How difficult would it be for somebody to copy your business model?

The Proposition

  1. Clear definition of product or service
  2. Is it already developed or can you validate that it can be developed
  3. Have you clearly defined your customer
  4. Why is your product / service necessary
  5. Is it doing something Different / Differently
  6. Is it “need to have” / “nice to have”
  7. If IP based, patenting status


  1. How will you deliver
  2. Experience of pilots, prototypes etc
  3. What is your marketing plan sales / Scaling up plan
  4. Risks / mitigating plan


  1. Team is fundamental to early stage venture, providing the best collateral for an investor
  2. Track record
  3. Coverage of skills – finance, technical, marketing, etc
  4. Stock/compensation plan
  5. Advisers, etc.


  1. Current / Projected for next 3 years
  2. When will it break even
  3. Self investment & funding received till date
  4. Investment sought
  5. Valuation expectation


  1. How
  2. When
  3. What