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About Us

The Ghana Angel Investor Network (GAIN) is a network of Angel investors with a passion for investing in early-stage businesses with significant growth prospects and the potential to generate superior returns. GAIN is a body corperate limited by guarantee and established under the laws of Ghana. As a Network, GAIN is not-intended for profit. However, members and beneficiaries seek to derive significant returns on their investments.

What We Do

  • Identify and develop investment opportunities
  • Evaluate the opportunities at the first stage, including initial reviews
  • Coach entrepreneurs for presentations to the Angels
  • Handle member recruitment, communications and relationships
  • Adherence to defined Network processes, deal flow etc
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We provide expert mentoring, networking, and patient capital to ensure the success of early stage businesses.

Members of GAIN, the Business Angels, comprise of high net worth Individuals with business leadership experience.

Although membership is typically open to individuals, corporate bodies may subscribe or receive invitations for membership.
*GAIN reserves the right to approve membership applications in accordance with its guidelines.

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